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How to maintain sanitary ware

1、 Sanitary ware

Sanitary ware:

1. in order to ensure the correct construction and installation of the toilet, please try to seal it with glass glue. If cement sand slurry is used, the mortar ratio shall not be greater than 3:1 to prevent cracking of the pedestal pan due to excessive stress.

2. do not rush into the toilet with news paper, paper urine pad, sanitary towel and other items that are easy to block the competition.

3. the sundries accidentally falling into the toilet shall be taken out in time. Remove the gas with skin suction immediately when blocking.

4. hard appliances or rough fabrics shall not be contacted with ceramic products, and shall not be knocked or impacted.

5. regularly wipe the attached dirt with cleaning agent. If it can not be cleaned, use brush to clean the surface.

6. it is not allowed to use and store in the environment of water below zero ℃.


1. hard appliances or rough fabrics shall not be contacted with ceramic products or knocked.

2. wipe and clean the surface with cleaning agent regularly.

3. the most important thing in computer bath room is to prevent leakage. Check whether the circuit is insulated regularly. See repair before use.

4. do not place any extra things (such as towels and silk fabrics) inside the bathtub.

5. in order to avoid damaging bathtub and piping, do not use bath essence or organic solvent containing sulfur, acid and alkali, and hot spring water

2、 Classification and purchase of sanitary ware

1. Materials and processes of sanitary ware:

The most commonly used sanitary ware materials are ceramics, enamel pig iron, enamel steel plates, and terrazzo. With the development of building materials technology, new materials such as FRP, artificial marble, artificial agate, stainless steel have been introduced at home and abroad.

The processing technology of sanitary ware hardware accessories has also been developed from the general chrome plating to high-precision processing by various means to obtain high-end products with beautiful shape, energy saving and noise reduction.

2. Classification of sanitary ware:

There are many kinds of sanitary ware, but the common requirements are smooth surface, impermeable, corrosion resistant, cold and hot resistance, easy to clean and durable.

At present, the sanitary ware cleaning commonly used in China has the following types:

(1) Wash basin: can be divided into hanging type, column type, table top three types.

(2) Toilet: can be divided into two categories: the impact type and siphon type. According to the shape, it can be divided into two types: connecting body and split body. The new type of toilet also has the function of heat preservation and body cleaning.

(3) Bathtub: it has a variety of shapes. According to bath wash way, there are sitting bath, lying in bath. A bath with a toilet chassis. According to the function, there are bath bathtub and massage bath. The material is divided into acrylic bathtub, steel bathtub, cast iron bathtub, etc.

(4) Shower room: it consists of door panel and bottom basin. The door panels of shower room are divided into PS plate, FRP plate and tempered glass according to the material. Shower room covers a small area and is suitable for shower.

(5) Hardware accessories: the pattern is different. Besides the above mentioned sanitary ware accessories, it also includes various water nozzles, glass brackets, towel rack (ring) soap cylinder, hand paper cylinder, shower curtain, fog proof mirror, etc.

3. Selection of sanitary ware:

To purchase sanitary ware, we should pay attention to the ceramic quality:

The glaze of high quality sanitary ware is smooth and smooth, and there is no pinhole, bubble, glaze removal, uneven luster and other phenomena. The sound of hand striking ceramics is relatively crisp. Poor sanitary ware often has sand holes, bubbles, glaze, even slightly deformed, the sound produced when knocking is dull.

In addition, the following points should be paid attention to in the selection of sanitary ware:

(1) When purchasing sanitary ware, such as face ware, toilet, bathtub and other grades, the color matching of floor tiles and wall tiles in the bathroom should be coordinated.

(2) Before choosing the toilet, it is necessary to make sure whether the reserved drain of toilet is lower or horizontal.

(3) When buying water-saving toilet, we can not only look at the size of water tank.

(4) How to distinguish the quality of sanitary ware ceramics, the glaze of general high-quality sanitary ware is smooth and smooth, without flat pond, color difference, needle eye and glaze shortage, and the sound of hitting ceramics with hard objects is clear and crisp.

3、 How to buy Bathroom Cabinet

1. How to buy Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom furniture is a leading role in home decoration, and it is one of the three parts of bathroom. How to choose bathroom cabinet products, how to distinguish the quality of bathroom cabinet products and buy Bathroom Cabinets with high cost performance must first understand the bathroom cabinet products in all aspects from the following aspects. If inferior products are selected, it not only destroys the overall aesthetic feeling of bathroom decoration, It will cause the corrosion, peeling, peeling, loose skin and rising due to the poor quality of the products. Bring you endless troubles.

At present, the bathroom cabinet products on the market are divided into raw materials, including glass stainless steel combination, glass electrolytic board combination, acrylic plate, various wood regeneration board (including particleboard, joinery board, medium fiber board, moisture-proof board, etc.) and pure solid wood. Among them, solid wood bathroom furniture, according to its physical properties and waterproof moisture and corrosion-resistant efficacy to compare, especially oak as the best. Oak is widely used in the manufacture of grape barrel, beer bucket, floor, wooden bridge and so on.

1. Particleboard

Most commonly used in some cheap computer platforms and furniture and kitchenware, low cost, from the wood processing waste processing, water absorption is very high, from the opening and interface, plate edge can be identified. When making, the manufacturer usually pastes the anti-counterfeiting paper, wood and plastic skin, and the edge is wrapped with other materials, and then processed with various colors of paint. The defective manufacturers and dealers often use the fake and real appearance effect, and use such products as solid wood products according to the buyer's ignorance of the raw materials.

2. joinery board

More commonly seen in some low or medium-high price wooden furniture, because it is solid wood splicing, there are different wood species, the price is different, the compressive capacity varies greatly depending on the wood species and the production process, such as the surface paint is not well done, exposed and wet will split.

3. medium fiber board

More commonly seen in some common computer and office furniture, home furniture, used for indoor stand decoration, waterproof and moisture-proof is not ideal. It is easy to expand and crack, and it can not be used in wet environment with more water in bathroom. But some bad manufacturers and dealers often use the wood veneer of the medium fiber board products to fake the real wood to deceive consumers.

4. damp proof board

Although the board has certain moisture-proof performance and some commercial melamine finishes, it is not a product of environmental protection building materials because it has many moisture-proof glue added in the board, and the formaldehyde content is seriously over standard.

5. oak board

Oak has unique wood grain, heart wood is resistant to corrosion, high density, hard texture, belongs to hardwood. The household products made of oak have the advantages of elegant and noble mahogany furniture. But the price is much lower than that of red wood. Because of the advantages of oak, this material is widely used in beer barrel, wine barrel, bathroom barrel, floor, outdoor wooden bridge, etc. It is the best material for making bathroom cabinet. According to the color, oak can be divided into two types: white oak and red oak. The output of our country is very rare, and it is generally imported into the United States, Malaysia and Thailand.

2. how to identify the process

Poor bathroom furniture products:

The production process is backward, the manual operation is unstable, the workmanship is rough, the size and the consistency are irregular. In order to save cost, the paint which does not meet the environmental protection standards at low price is selected in the paint treatment, and the primer is less, which will bring hidden danger to the future use.

High quality bathroom furniture products:

According to the normal furniture production process, the workmanship is fine, the size and the consistency are good. Generally, the paint will be sealed twice. After the oil grinding process, the surface oil will be sprayed. The paint of the sprayed products is smooth and smooth.

Automatic cutting and hole arrangement are adopted to ensure the consistency of process parameters of each set of products. In terms of technology, it is made by 34 processes. In the paint, imported environmental protection PU polyester paint is used and treated by closed double machine painting process, which effectively insulates the moisture and moisture. The solid and adhesion of polyester paint is very strong, environmental protection performance is good, can cure benzene in paint. The hardness, gloss, fullness and smoothness of paint can achieve a perfect unity. The products meet the requirements of qb/t2530-2001 and GB18584-2001 of the people's Republic of China.

3. how to identify accessories

Poor bathroom furniture products:

In order to reduce cost, nonstandard and poor quality fasteners, handles, hinges and guide rails are generally selected. Due to poor quality, they bring many troubles to future use, such as water leakage of water heater, loose plate, falling off of handle, loose hinge, improper door closing due to hinge deformation, too tight or loose guide rail, and so on.

High quality bathroom furniture products:

Choose the products of good quality on the market as accessories, making furniture tightly embedded, good compression resistance and impact resistance, flexible hinge, good elasticity, free guide rail and good hand feeling.

4、 How to select bathroom accessories

When decorating the bathroom, the bathroom accessories with characteristics often make the bathroom color. Today, most of the bathroom accessories are seven sets, namely mirror, toothbrush cup, soap table, towel bar, towel holder, web holder, clothes hook, etc. When buying bathroom accessories, we should master four main elements.

At first, it is necessary to match the three-piece set of bathroom (bathtub, toilet and basin) and the shape of faucet and the surface coating treatment. The surface coating of the frame of bathroom accessories is mostly polished copper except for a few of plastic plating, and more chrome plating.

Second, the materials, bathroom accessories products include both copper plastic plating products and copper polishing copper products, more chrome plated products, among which titanium alloy products are the highest grade, followed by copper chromium products, stainless steel chromium products, aluminum alloy chromium plating products, and iron chromium plating products.

Third, the coating of ordinary products is 20 microns thick, long time, and the material inside is easy to be oxidized by air. The copper chromium plating coating with exquisite workmanship is 28 μ m thick, with close structure, even coating and good effect.

Four look practical, import products are mostly titanium alloy or copper chrome plating, "color surface" straight, delicate and durable, but the price is more expensive. Nowadays, some joint ventures or domestic brands have relatively affordable copper chrome plating prices, while stainless steel chrome products are cheaper.

5、 Tips for flower shop and arrangement

Shower is also an indispensable part of the bathroom, do not look at small showers, installation also need to master some precautions. According to the sales staff of archer bathroom (enterprise blog video special topic), firstly, the installation height can be divided into two types according to the type of shower. First, the shower is concealed, the center of the concealed water outlet on the wall is at least 2m from the ground, and the center of shower switch is the best 1m from the ground. The flower sprinkling of the open lifting rod is generally defined by the water surface of the flower spray, and the distance is best 2 meters. But professional installation personnel also remind that these data are only average data, and when installing flowers, they should adjust according to the height of users.

Secondly, the concealed water pipe of open shower switch is hot on the left and cold on the right, with the center spacing of 1.5m. After the installation of the shower, it should be at right angle to the wall. In addition, the water pressure regulation of the flower spray is also a key. If the water pressure is too low, the spray will burst and the spray can not be used normally.

Installation Tips: choosing uniform and soft shower is the key to enjoy the bathroom fun. There are three ways to choose the spray by coincidence: one is to see whether the pipe body of the spray and the surface of the electric coating are smooth and smooth, and then judge the quality of the material three questions about the material life of the valve core of the shower switch.

How to buy economical and affordable sanitary faucets

In addition to the appearance of ordinary faucets, the most important thing is to pick the quality. The following 6 methods and steps should be paid attention to for the faucet with good quality.

1. Look at the surface

The surface of faucet is generally nickel plated and chromium treated. The coating process of regular products requires high requirements, and the surface luster is uniform, without burr, porosity, and oxidation spots.

2. Look at the hand

The main parts of the upper faucet are usually cast by brass. The higher the purity of brass, the better the quality of plating, the less corrosion the surface plating layer. Inferior products will be replaced by alloy materials and engineering plastics in some places to reduce costs, so that service life and quality will be greatly reduced. It is suggested that the faucet made of brass material should be selected as much as possible. Brass has a large proportion, can be estimated when purchasing, brass heavy solid, hold heavy on the hand heavy, can feel the existence of the center of gravity. The alloy material has low density, soft feeling and even center of gravity. Engineering plastics are floating in their hands.

In addition, the national standard does not allow the use of zinc alloy materials for components directly in contact with drinking water.

3. Listen to the sound

The good tap should be cast brass as a whole, and the brass is hammered with a dull and low sound. If the sound is relatively crisp, it is generally stainless steel or alloy material, and the quality is inferior to a grade.

4. Touch corner joint

The edge of the top faucet is round and free of burr and sharp edges and corners. In addition, the joint joint between main parts is very tight, without any loose motion.

5. Check valve core accessories

The quality of valve core is the key of faucet. The process of the valve core of the superior faucet is accurate. When the handle swings, the valve core can feel not loose and tight, light and without block.

In addition, the ceramic chip of the tap of ceramic valve core is easy to crack, so the filtration function should be paid attention to, so as to avoid affecting the life.

In short, the quality is reliable, the enterprise reputation is good, the product responsible for after-sales service is the first choice for consumers. The price of the product is not enough to reflect the actual situation. If some counterfeit or inferior products, the price may be higher than normal products or only accounting for 60, 70% of the normal products, or even lower. Generally, the technical index data of the products of enterprises responsible for users and their own reputation can meet or exceed relevant standards. On the contrary, there may be a big gap

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